Sing Along.

Music for the Kid in all of Us

My Nephew and My Dad are two of my favorite people ever. They’ve been a great musical inspiration, I feel so lucky to know them both, and to see them with each other! This song is for them.

Thanks for the menu idea, girls! I am sooo making some peanut butter pie tonight.

Hey Readers! Peanut Butter Pie has been the hit of the summer. Here is a fantastic recording from my first show at the Chapel Hill Library a few weeks ago. Don’t be surprised if it makes you hungry for that most wonderful of desserts, and if it does, check out the delicious recipe I posted on the Facebook Page. You won’t regret it!

Hey readers! Since I’ve been on tour, I’ve been recording my live shows. I’ve criss crossed the country and had tons of great experiences and met loads of new fans- like the family that came to three out of four shows inn Atlanta. (Hi Sara and Sidney and Matthew!, and John Caleb, Steamboat Captain!) anyway, here’s a live version of Peanut Butter Pie! Recorded live at the Spruill Oaks/Northeast branch library in Johns Creek, Georgia, for Target Family Reads Night.
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Recorded live at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival.